'Los milagros del amor y la fuerza' translation- The miracles of love and strength. This is a medium sized piece made from an up-cycled  frame (see before and after photos), flowers, metallic trimmings, Milagros and hand sculpted clay heart. It measures 40cm x 35cm x 7cm deep. Milagros mean 'Miracles' in Spanish and these charms are traditionally decorated on Sacred Hearts or Crosses to petition for help or protection. ... Milagro Charms can also be carried for protection and good luck. These are excellent gifts for your home or the home of a loved one to offer protection. This has the fixings to be hung on the wall is a beautiful way to celebrate your love of Mexican traditions. This is a unique item and only one of this design in stock. 

Los Milagros del Amor y la Fuerza

SKU: Large sacred heart frame