This Award winning Ofrenda (altar) has been created to remember and celebrate our loved ones who are no longer with us for

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (November 1st-2nd).

New ofrenda images will be excepted from October 21st, 2021.

This year's ofrenda has won 3rd place in the Mexican Embassy's National Ofrenda Competition. 

Carl and Gary Greenwood

Dad and Uncle Gary, you are now both together again and at peace.

Gordon Sparrow

My beautiful friend, Stuart. 10 August 1960 - October 2020. Dance in the light of the moon, beloved. You are surrounded by love x

Ella, stillborn but STILL born. Always in our hearts.

1st Feb 2007

My darling Tony. Still living on in my heart. Beryl

Naja Brooks

Our beloved Punk Rock Nurse and Queen.

Gone way to soon but never forgotten

Para mi tío Carlos y mi tío Frank son el claro ejemplo de un gran amor que nos salpico a quienes no éramos sus hijos y que gracias a ellos mi estructura emocional no está destrozada, si dañada pero no como quienes sufrieron una ausencia paterna marcada, con esto quiero decir que ellos tuvieron un corazón enorme y el claro ejemplo de lo que es el amor incondicional.


Mi tía chachi, mi tía lupe y mi tía lucha son para mi la raíz de todos nosotros y que su ejemplo esta lleno de valores, crecimiento y no sucumbir a ninguna batalla


Mi abuelita solo le falto ser santa mujeron de mujeron

Brendan McBride
Gone from us on 31/10/2015
Always loved

Abue, you are

missed but I carry

so much from you. #proudadoptivegranddaughter.

Beautiful, kind, generous

Wendy Harris.
Our Mum and good friend to most of Bristol.
Loved and missed everyday since December 8th 2017

Sandy Nicoll who passed away in January this year

My Grandmothers

Peggy and Jean

Rose and Graham Bartlett

Gladys and William Hedges, my Nan and Grampy.

Forever in our thoughts.

My beautiful brother, Thomas. 

You were gone way too soon but inspired us all to keep living and making the most out of life.

Love you little bro.


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